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Create a Karaoke DVD with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is an effective and widely used presentation tool. Speaking of PowerPoint, people generally assume that it is primarily used at events such as conference, tradeshows, exhibits, seminars and classes, nothing to do with recreation and entertainment. However, PowerPoint can also be used for fun projects as well. Here's a great way to impress your friends and companions - creating a personalized and interesting Karaoke DVD with PowerPoint!

Small karaoke, great fun that PowerPoint creates

With such a karaoke music video, you can spice up your family reunion, activate a holiday celebration, and increase atmosphere of a birthday party. It’s also possible for you to present as a sweet gift to your mom. What’s more, a self-made karaoke PowerPoint is full of creation and individuality, far more attractive than the video produced by professional music company.

Things you need to prepare

- Materials

  • A Karaoke song with lyrics
  • A proper PowerPoint template or background image
  • Some pictures - related to the theme of the song

- Tools

Start to Create the Karaoke PowerPoint Step-by-step

Step 1: Insert pictures to PowerPoint and add the music file to the slideshow

- Create a folder in your local disk directory.
- Put all pictures and the song file you collected into this folder.
- Open up the PowerPoint program.
- Select "Blank" presentation and save the file with a suitable file name.
- Insert all images with "Photo Album" mode and each picture will be placed separately to its own slide. The first slide is used to show the title of the song.

- Adjust the order of slides.
- Each slide contains one line of the lyrics.

- Put an "End" slide to show the ending of the song.
- Apply a designed background style or a delicate PPT template to enhance slides.
- Insert karaoke song to the 1st slide. Click on "Automatically" when a message box pops up (To make the song play across the whole presentation, you can view this tutorial).

Step 2: Set the animation effects of the lyrics

- Set transitions from one slide to the next. Select all the slides and go to the "Animations" tab and choose "Apply to All". Then the transitions between all slides will display as the same as the transition you have set to the current slide.
- Click the "Custom Animation" button under the "Animation" tab.
- Click and hold the "Add Effect" button, and select "More Effects" under the "Entrance" category.
- Select both "Appear" and "Color Typewriter" option.
- Select "After Previous" from the drop-down menu in the right-hand "Custom Animation" frame.
- Select "Color Typewriter" and choose "Effect Options", then you can set the highlight color and timing of lyrics transition.
Repeat this step to make sure all lyric texts appear and shift properly.

Step 3: Rehearse timings of your karaoke PowerPoint

- Rehearse timings of your karaoke presentation
- Check and fine-tune the timing of lyrics to song timing.
- Replay the song to confirm timing of lyrics is OK.
- At last, you may need to polish the animation on certain slides. You may have to go back and redo some adjustment. You can view the current slide by pressing "Shift+F5"or preview the whole Karaoke slide show by pressing "F5" key.

Generate karaoke DVD with PowerPoint to DVD converter

When coming to last step, you need to use the tool I have mentioned before – a PowerPoint to DVD converter like Leawo PPT to DVD Converter. It’s a powerful yet handy converting tool that enables you to convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD. After the conversion, you can view your karaoke DVD on TV through a DVD player. Also, the program can help you to generate video clips from your PowerPoint slide show, which makes it possible to share your karaoke music video online with friends or families easily.

Now, an eye-catching karaoke DVD is ready, share it with your friends and enjoy the fun that Karaoke PowerPoint brings to you!

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